Attention: Creative Artists & Public Media Figures

We work with artists, performing artists, musicians, media figures, film and tv personalities, creators and more.

The creative genius mind isn't an easy one to manage - when you are inside that mind all day long - it can be exhausting - especially if you have no tools. The idea of structure and business and all the moving parts can be dull or elusive for a creative and all they want is to be left to 'create'. 

The pressure, the public and the people - it can all be relentless and when there is a lot at stake and the pressure is on to perform our clients come to us to help them get into their own fully aligned self expressed self. 

The urge to run, sabotage (addiction is common) or crack under pressure is fairly common especially if they are a public figure with all eyes on them. And our clients don't always tell those around them when there is so much riding on their ability to perform and support those who support them.

We support the person outside of what they do so they don't lose themselves in their identity. We remind them who they really are and help them show up as their unique selves without apology to send their greatness en masse out into the world. We exist for the individual and relate in a way that no one else can - no boring therapy, just extraordinary support.


We also support those around them to understand how they work and to streamline their production, teams, projects and management to support them in the best way possible so that everyone gets the results they want but has a lot of fund doing it.

We take the stress out all of the moving parts and build unstoppable performers who get to play in their genius.

Our clients have 24/7 access to those on our team of coaches and wellness professionals that they love to work with and often attend our hidden retreats to reset in privacy to deal with whatever shows up when they need to reconnect to what truly matters - themselves.