Take Your Life, Health &

Success To 

The Next Level

We support those at the top confidentially to have the wealth, health, life and success they want without losing themselves.




Are you?

A visionary, creative, thought leader, free thinker and high performer with uncapped potential who wants to:

  • Have the vision and the success without losing yourself?

  • Up your game in health, life and use your genius, purpose and skill and go to the next level with a detailed plan and not do it all alone?

  • Be your authentic self on and off the playing field and be happy in your own skin without apology?

  • Unlock your human potential inside and outside of what you do?

  • Unleash your unique genius, personal power and purpose without losing yourself?

  • Elevate your energy, focus and habits to a high performance level without strain?

  • Have the mindset to achieve and remove blockages that hold you back?

  • Step into unlimited personal and professional freedom?

  • Have the relationships and connection you want and the personal + confidential support with those who just get you?

  • Have the support from a full team to help you align, accelerate and inspire you to take your vision and mission to the next level all in one place without needing a million advisors or programs or coaches?

  • Get a return on the work you do with yourself on the inside directly show up on the outside - with your people, profits and exponential results?

  • Be surrounded with those who get your genius mind and vision and know how to accelerate it?




HPU is a confidential 24/7 business, body & brain butler for your brain - all experts in one place for the next generation of conscious leaders looking to tap deeply into their unique genius in all areas of life, health business, personal happiness and creativity - and having the wealth, legacy and freedom you seek.


We are all about you having it all with EASE. 

We are your A Team. We are your personal support team and weapon - but we are not your management, people or controllers. We exist only for you outside of what you do.

The system and support we provide transforms high performers, your people and your business at the core, allowing you to play at the ultimate level of success whilst maintaining the energy, harmony, meaning and fulfilment you seek - without needing to look in a million places to get the support you need to manage the many moving parts of your life and business.



Imagine a world where leaders stepped into greatness & inspired others to do the same?
This is HPU.



The SUPPORT You've Been Looking For

Our unique formula and 1:1 personal programs offers you a holistic process for empowering the whole person and the business to each it's full potential.

Creative geniuses and leaders - they are real people - and we know people. Now more than ever before we are being called to tap into our own genius and flourish from the inside out with agility, strength and flexibility. Otherwise you risk losing yourself and all you've worked for.

The results are to be seen when individuals are empowered to step into their greatness with full support, knowledge and tools for the whole human in a way that is fresh...

We make it Fast, Fun, Effective, Viable and Easy

to achieve the results you seek at an optimum level.

HPU is created for those who want to move away from mediocre to greatness to unstoppable at speed. Our process has been proven to help individuals ranging from CEO's, artists, public figures, corporate executives and many more who are thirsty for peak performance and accelerated results without dull, boring, cookie cutter processes for leadership that put you to sleep.

We are real people - outside of your circle who genuinely care 1:1 for your wellbeing & wealth creation outside of what you do. This is NOT another leadership program - you are already a born leader. This is an empowerment program for those who are playing at the top who need support to have the relationships, presence, health, wealth and mindset they need to stay there.

The Ultimate Support Program For VIP's

We help you RISE UP in the areas you know you need the support the most. Life, wellness, business & success to RAISE YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL in record time - BUT you must be willing to serve with your true purpose. Instead of working with multiple coaches, consultants and advisors you now have access to our full team all in one place skilled with working with those at the top. What is key about our team... we do not work for you, we work with you. We are your confidential support network away from what you do. 

Enjoying Outdoor


Stepping Into Greatness Requires Energy & Focus Built From The Inside Out

  • Fitness

  • Strength

  • Nutrition

  • Energy

  • Clarity 

  • Focus

  • Sleep & Rest

  • Stress Defusion

  • Inner Calm

  • Habits Mastery

Girl Hugging Orange Ball



Conscious Leadership With a Powerful Vision, Empowered Choices & Organic Influence

  • Self Awareness & Trust

  • Effective Communication & Understanding

  • Building Great Teams

  • Coaching Your People

  • Authentic Influence

  • Crystal Clear Macro Vision 

  • Preventative Problem Solving

  • Play In Your Genius

  • Support For You


Building A Powerful Business Model For Sustainable Growth & Industry Leadership

  • Mission & Vision

  • Values

  • Purpose

  • Structure & Systems

  • Projections & Planning

  • Culture & People

  • Service & Sales

  • Sustainable Growth

  • Investment

emotional intelligence coach, emotional intelligence course,



Inner Fulfilment and Self Awareness Leads to Outer Productivity & Growth

  • EQ

  • Mindtools

  • Communication

  • Confidence

  • Self Trust

  • Valued Living

  • Relationships

  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Balance

team leadership, team leadership skills, team leadership training, team leadership coaching,


Driving Callaboration & High Performance Of Your People Through Growth Of The Whole Person

  • Health & Happiness

  • Balance

  • Productivity

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Management

  • Support

  • Communication

  • Motivation

  • Retention

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The Ability to Leave A Mark and Legacy In The World That Holds Meaning + Have it All

  • Increase Wealth

  • Contribution

  • Giving Back

  • Social Responsibility

  • Environmental Responsibility

  • Investment Management

  • Freedom

  • Fulfilment

Here's what we know about you...

We believe...You are only scratching the surface of the impact you could have (no matter how successful you are). It's easier to make the "impossible" happen than to go after what looks possible, lose connection, over complicate or sabotage.


HPU is a powerful collective support system built for high achievers to grow into their Fully Aligned, Fully Expressed, True Human Potential to serve in an Unlimited Way in health, life, business and giving back.


Those on the way up, those already there and those who have fallen and want to get back up. This is a tools based system that amplifies every life and business area in record time with record results. BUT we make it fun. We play the game of life with you at your level.



There are three key philosophies you will align with:


1. Inside Out

Clean Up & Simplify Your Health, Life & Business From The Inside. If you don't like yourself nothing else matters. If you can't connect and trust you - nothing else will matter. Self trust is key. Your own way of leading and creativity is key. We don't water it down. We build it from the inside out.



2. Flow

Create & Lead In Your Own Lane From Connection & Calm Not Chaos. Listen to yourself and not others. One lane. Your lane. True confidence. Limit the chaos and confusion so you can focus.



3. Grow

Amplify Your Exponential Impact & Wealth & Success Without Losing Yourself. And don't lose connection along the way with what truly matters - life and those you love. Grow your career yes.... but grow yourself as a human too. Leave a legacy. At this point it's not optional. Go big but serve big. It's your right.


"I'm not lonely, but I feel very alone..." are words that we often hear from our VIP clients, some of the most fascinating people on the planet. 'Luxury problems' is another phrase we hear and the guilt that comes with it.


It's often lonely playing at the top where detachment and loss of meaning are par for course. I've found my clients scrambling with multiple managers, hierarchy, teams, entourages, consultants and coaches to put all the pieces together - we do that for you bringing a whole team together to suit your specific needs 24/7. We do it outside that web of pressure and high stakes. With us - we are just here for you and your own wellbeing beyond what you do. 


Most peak performers think...that when they have enough money, success, or recognition, they'll finally be happy. We call this the Happiness Trap. The truth is...you can have everything you ever wanted but still feel empty inside. You get there and then you think 'well now what?' That's because you are human. 

Most people think...that success means no longer having to feel fear. The truth is...successful people like you head in the direction of their fear and often use it to catapult their success not realising that this is a limited way of being and will eventually negate exponential success on all levels - not just in what you do but in many other life areas. What if you could create without fear and without chaos?


When you transform your relationship to fear, step into flow your potential exponentially grows with the kind of ease and effectiveness you have always desired but never knew how to create. You also get to have the meaning you really want, the trust in yourself and the relationships with others that matter.


You are more than what you do, what you know and what you have - we tap into the core of your creation and unique genius and transform from the inside out.




VIP Success Coach. High Performance & WellnessCoach. Senior Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher. Working Mum. Serial Entrepreneur. Lover of Life.

I am first and foremost a passionate & highly experienced entrepreneur. For 20 years I have created, launched & successfully built a multitude of businesses on the ground and online. I have personally tested & refined the tools I share with my own funds, time and energy with record results in record time.

Second. I am powerful personal coach. With 10 000+ hours of coaching under my belt I've developed a unique system for helping you THRIVE in life inside and outside of what you do.

I exist so you can have:

  • 10x What You Thought Possible (Wealth, Health, Connection & Happiness)

  • I halve Your Stress & Double Your Energy

  • I Evolve Your Vision To Fruition With Half The Effort

  • I Take Care Of You Outside of What You Do

  • I Make It Fun, Fast, Easy, Effective & Viable

I revolutionise your personal limitations, revamp your identity and life path vision & help you shine in Life AND Business. The inner work we do is the SECRET WEAPON behind your success. It's why you will sustainably build and grow a fulfilling, meaningful version of you and your brand or company.

I fell into high performance by accident. I had a breakdown in my early 20's - I was your ultimate high performer perfectionist type. I studied every modality and tool known to man kind. I travelled the world working for one of the greatest and most successful artists the world has ever seen. I did red carpets and jets and sat at dinner with some of the greatest thinkers and creators on the planet. Until I realised they were all seeking what I was seeking - fulfilment outside the manic progression towards 'success'. And there I birthed a specific process for insanely productive people to get what they needed outside their entourage, management and high stakes contracts. The results were through the roof. 

I have a gift for seeing potential (and breakdowns) where others don't on both a personal and professional level. It's my superpower. I have a gift for getting you and what you do even if the stakes are high - I just get to work with a team that I know can support your uniqueness. I work fast and take action on helping you leverage your personal and professional skills to create the ultimate business and life to match - but I do it by getting you what you need when you need it and by working with a team of pros. 

2000+ clients, 400+ retreats.


Work with myself and my team to get the results  you want. 

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Former military seargent AJ transforms your health, habits and mindset fast as our in house Executive High Performance and Holistic Health Coach.

High Performance Coach






Founder of the Integrated Wellness Clinic Chain Suzi gets to the bottom of health issues & helps you build robust energy and physical resilience.



Physical Testing




Sarah uncovers what holds you back that you cannot see and removes blockages in your path.

RTT Therapist





Our relationships expert Kat helps you build connection and communication with yourself and others to harmonise your life and work.

Relationships Coach




Benjamin is a highly experienced executive consultant with a major in business and psychology.

Executive Consultant


Change Management



Jenn supports you and your team in refining your business operations, team synergy, marketing and management to help you grow to the next level.

Operations Mgt

Business & Team Structure Consultant

HP Client Manager



Former Lawyer Michael Daly is one of Australia's top NLP, meditation and mindfulness gurus. Michael gets to the core of what is holding you back from the inside out.

NLP Coach





Ryan is one of the USA's top natural health pro's helping you build immunity and health through diet and physical exercise.

High Performance Coach




Bio Hacking



Upfront, hilarious, blunt and a powerful coach that will challenge you and your people to step into greatness.

NLP Coach

Motivational Coach

Change Maker



Irish born Chris brings a direct and empowered holistic approach to leading and inspiring your teams and effortlessly growing sales.

Sales & Growth Coach

Team Management Consultant

Team Leadership Coaching

Leadership Consultant



A Senior Level CFO and Project Mgr Ian helps you restructure, move through change and has a track record of managing billions and increasing profits.

Business Development Consultant

Systems and Structure Analyst

Financial MGT Analyst



Our client support and program manager Danielle has a lengthy background in the corporate, mining and health sectors. She takes care of all your needs.

HP Client Service Officer

Program Manager


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A Few Short Client Stories

Privacy Protected - For Obvious Reasons


The Rapper - Performing Artist


The first time I met the rapper I could see the complete overwhelm, the agitation, the inability to sit still, the guardedness and the blatant insecurity despite the look, the cars, the property. Young, tired and over it. On a contract with a major management company he was missing deadlines, refusing to perform and not producing anything. Despite having a good 200 tracks in pieces - not one of them could be finally produced. Our job was to get him back into alignment and production.

He’d been in the spotlight since 18 (now 10 years) with a whopping fan base and all the bells and whistles of a rappers lifestyle - the entourage, the women, the drugs, the fancy homes and fast bikes.

Underneath this identity that he was struggling to uphold was a genius mind, extraordinary creativity, extremely generous and kind spirit who was desperately trying to please absolutely everyone  and had nothing left for himself. He was a chameleon. He  didn’t know who he was.

The management had tried to send him to a psych to see what was going on. In his words - ‘how is an old boring dude going to understand my life?’ We hear this alot from our eccentric genius clients. That the help they are offered by management - is controlled by management and they find it dull and not helpful.

There were alot of moving parts to his life. And I mean alot. He felt controlled, powerless and his creative genius was being stifled -  even though the large team around him like vultures were dependent on it - everyone  was at him all the time and he didn’t know how to be alone. He was arrogant having had no one call him out on his behaviour in a very long time and his team were at a loss as to what to do.


We hid him away for 5 days with just us and got to work. Surprisingly he latched on to every tool he was taught like crazy and for the first time in years got an understanding of himself, his business, a new direction and control back - making his own decisions and learning how to be still and how to create from calm and not chaos.

Managing a  genius mind isn’t easy and most have never been taught. We focused almost entirely on his mind and and shaping his own identity and path outside of this world that he loved but felt caged in.

We spent another 5 days working with the management team who needed just as much TLC and tools as he did and an understanding of his needs as a human - not a robot. We spent the following months in a BDM consultancy role cleaning up his team and processes and in general making his life work. Within 4 weeks of that first retreat after a 3 year stand still he dropped his first single and it was a hit. I have to say the day he sent the final hit through with a ‘couldn’t have done it without you’ note was one of  our proudest moments. We still work with him today and his team for whatever they need to stay on track  with  their  health, lives and  business.


CFO Of A Major World Bank

M called to engage us for coaching when he had hit breaking point and the years of so many hours and so little time to himself or to be with his family had caught up. I was so concerned about his mental state after our first call I didn’t sleep that night. M had passed burn out years before and was now in the full blown effects of long term stress or what we call Stage 4 - which means you end up with us! I convinced him to get on a plane. He later told me he almost ended his life that night. My hunch was right and I’m glad I booked his flight and asked his wife to get him to us.

He’d been seeing a psych within the company who had panicked when she realised that his stress was ALL job related and they they were responsible for his mental state and legally responsible if he didn’t get well. We hear this often - those that are there to help on staff are essentially working for the company - not for the person - it takes a very long time for them to reach out for help because the stakes are so high and the judgement is real - and when they do everyone panics when there is alot, sometimes millions or billions riding on this person. She panicked alerted HR and instead of supporting him he was put on leave.

Thankfully this led him to us. We exist for this reason - separate to the ‘machine’ and a private space for this person to explore themselves away from the pressure.

M stayed for 2 weeks and day by day as a team we lulled him back into calm. As his mind was able to rest we tapped back into what mattered most - those he loved. We helped execute an exit strategy and step him into a consulting role where he could offer more value but create the lifestyle and connection he was desperately seeking.

We are still close and touch base to say hi every now and then. That relationship we build is so precious when you have ridden the waves of someone in the depths of the most vulnerable state of their lives. There is a bond and respect and honour that is built during that time that is never lost. It’s why we do what we do.



Star Female Rugby Player

C was at the top of her game as one of the world’s leading female players in rugby. I’ve never met someone so thirsty and driven to succeed - even at the expense of the relationship she had with herself. It’s extremely common, especially in pro sports, for players to use self battery to push themselves to succeed and compete. Meanwhile eroding their own confidence and worth. On the outside everything looked perfect and on track until an injury hit and there was time to sit with her own thoughts, still for the first time in years. Realising her mind was out of control and that in fact she didn’t like herself and hated the word ‘vulnerable’ we uncovered little by little who she really was beyond what she did and got to work on the core issues behind pushing herself to succeed rather than peak performance with ease - there is a difference. The public identity for those at the top and the pressure that comes with it can be suffocating. Underneath that identity was someone who had lost her self, had become hard and judgemental and never let up on herself. Once she realised she could have both - peak performance AND reach new heights through self care, kindness, compassion, having stillness - she went all in. I literally watched her face and body language radically change over a few weeks of coaching. She was amazed at how differently people responded to her and how inspiring her team because easy through walking her talk and with new tools for mindset, diet and self care under her belt. Now C comes to work on our team occasionally with our sports clients and has become a gifted coach and mentor to women in sport.


The Wealthy Artist

D was my first client. In fact he was the reason I created the entire concept. Working for him in my early 20’s was an eye opening experience. Learning the ropes of the art world, travelling in jets, moving with a huge team and entourage and just observing his genius in action daily. He came from nothing and made his millions through sheer tenacity and skill. There were A list celebrities at the dinner table and as I moved in these circles I noticed that addiction was rife, relationships were always breaking and trusting anyone was almost impossible. I noticed that when something went wrong that rehab or fancy spas were the go to - but that the problems returned asap because the core issues were never confronted. The loneliness, the busyness, the high stakes and pressure, the lack of trust and mostly the lack of connection was insane and almost unmanageable no matter how many people were on the team. So I kicked off this idea with D’s blessing and his wife was my first official client. Having watched her skip off to spas to ‘deal with her stuff’ constantly I pulled an A team together and we came at it from every angle. With insane results with her health, relationships with her children and business she started telling everyone she knew - and so here we are.



The Marketing Genius

S was a marketing and branding genius. Oprah is one of his clients. No public profile - just secretly known by the rich and famous as THE guy for marketing and PR. I was immediately in awe of his mind and his unique personality. His life story had me hooked for a good 3 hours like a thriller movie. I noticed the extreme OCD in our first session - I could see him counting tiles and he laughed when I pointed it out. His health was in the toilet after battling a rare form of cancer and he had the most bizarre skin conditions and food intolerances. Years of stress had finally started to play out. His one key thing - he wanted to keep the genius creativity but lose the manic-ness and he wanted his health back. The 2 were entwined. His program was actually extremely simple. Instead of trying to label or change the way the mind works - we find ways instead for him to manage it. Our customised diets and specific testing 100% always take care of the health issues - that’s pure science and what our skilled team is known for. His hair grew back, his skin cleared, his eyes bright. He could look at himself in the mirror and be happy with the reflection. He felt his life force come back. He could be the unique creative genius he wanted to be but without feeling like managing his mind was a full time job.


The Finance Executive

R was a likeable fun everything looks great on the outside kind of guy. Came from nothing, making millions and supporting nearly all of his family. A young wife and 2 kids. It was  the perfect picture. Accept for the outbursts of binge drinking and going MIA that he couldn’t get a grip on. Like alot of high achievers that drive their business hard and there is no off switch, the same happens when their is desire to ‘let go’ or ‘find a release’ there is no off switch.

Cracks were starting to show in his career and his relationship and he felt his behaviour or what drove him to do it were out of his control.

He’d been to rehab a few times but wanted to get to the core of his behaviour and urges for good.

We did a one week retreat and we still coach regularly today. The core driver behind the behaviour just came down to a lack of awareness of how to control the thoughts and how to get the same pay off in a way that added value not destroyed everything he created. The sabotage was a core fear of letting others down and an inability to communicate to anyone that fear. He always came last. So when he started putting himself first, learned to see the triggers and got well ahead of the behaviour by having other ways to release and let go, the behaviour simple slipped away.


Model Posing for Camera


Imagine your potential (and your people) if you woke up healthy, happy and inspired?

Most consultants, coaches and companies completely miss out the crucial step of empowering the individual to revamp their health first to massively increase creativity and productivity. 



What you focus on grows. When you are fully aligned with your own personal power, genius, mission, purpose and values - you simply attract ease and flow. If you are in the habit of putting out fires and always focus on finding solutions to big problems - then it's time to harness the EQ & mindtools to get the results you seek with flow and ease. 

Fencing Pose


When you are serving with an identity that no longer serves you and wearing so many hats and filling so many roles - who you truly are and the genius you are here to serve with can be watered down. By tapping back into who you are beyond what you do your creativity and purpose and ability to serve is amplified with incredible results. 

Young Hipster


To go to new heights and serve as the greatest version of yourself in ALL areas of your life - a sustainable long term vision and legacy plan ensures your long term sustainable success and contribution. Whatever your picture of a dream life is - we get it into play and fast. 

Chess Game


The work we do shows up on your bottom line. Every client we've ever worked has the physical proof that every positive change we made led to success and wealth creation. When you are operating out of your true power with focus and energy it is only natural that opportunities, creativity, solutions, hidden profits and more become abundant. 

Young Female Artist


It's hard to see what's in the way when you are in it - that's where we come in. Your blockages to reach your full potential are not always what you think. We are fast at getting to the core of health, mind,  life and business blockages and aligning you with your greatest self in record time and playing to your strengths. 


Because we have a reputation for supporting those that can't get what they need easily.

Because the 'standard' approaches don't fit them and what they do.

Because they are referred to us because we get results. 

Because we are powerful and present and just get you.

Because we deal with whatever is showing up without judgement, with skill and just fix it.

Because we love you and what you do and seriously get a kick out of seeing you excel. 

Mostly though clients work with us because we are real and because beyond all the hype and wealth - we simply care about you and who you are beyond that as a human. 

Is This You?

I've coached intensively for more than 10k hours with those at the top, those on their way up and those who have fallen and want to get back up.

And here is what I discovered about high achievers and leaders....


Despite your success—actually, because of it—doing more of what you’re already doing is not going to lead to your next level of success & it doesn't bring the internal fulfilment you see slipping through your fingers. In fact, the very qualities that have led to your current success are precisely what hold you back from even greater levels of accomplishment - and they also lack the ability to give you the true connection, meaning, richness and fulfilment internally that you seek. In other words the gifts that got you to where you are in fact, become your greatest challenges:


1. The Crippling Vision: The vision can be so big it cripples you with overwhelm and you create without mapping with meaning & sustainability.


2. Success Is Never Enough: Despite the levels of success you have you are still hard on yourself and driving yourself through fear and self judgement is "normal". A consistent focus on only external success creates an inner disconnection that causes inner chaos and separation.


3. Values Purpose & Vision Change: The very drivers behind why you do what you do change over time yet you are committed to the original creation and can feel stuck in having to continue to align with an old value and vision and purpose for all the wrong reasons.


4. Energy Breakdown: Playing at the top requires a lot of physical and mental energy and maintaining that force seems like a full time job. You 'drop your body' and become mind driven and live robotically rather than honouring the physical power house, nurturing the mind and being heart led.


5. Putting Out Fires: As a natural problem solver you are skilled at putting out fires. So you tend to only wait to put out fires (including with your own health and wellbeing, relationships, income etc) when they have reached danger status. You like the kick of solving big problems at the last minute accept it can sometimes be too late.


6. The Irritated Perfectionist: The more success you have and the more money you make, the greater the pressure to keep up with that level of success. The barrier to start each subsequent project becomes unbearably high, because each time it is re-set to an even greater level, based upon the pay offs of your previous project - which becomes addictive. You fall into the trap of doing it all yourself your way and trusting others becomes harder the higher you play.


7. Living In The Future: You are future-focused. Having your attention firmly on the future enables you to take action immediately, the moment you have an idea. But you rarely slow down enough to notice the impact of those déjà vu challenges that seem to re-surface, time after time. And you miss the short moments of peace, connection and belonging that bring you the sweetness you once felt.


8. You don't need help: Well, you don't. People are astounded by what you create. You are one of the highest-achieving people you know. And you definitely don't need support. But you didn't realise that you would have to manage SO MANY MOVING PARTS. So you are missing your own very personal support team and even if you have them - communicating, nurturing and having them keep up with your speed can be problematic.


9. No one tells you the truth: You miss out on hearing the “truth”.The higher you rise, the harder it can become for you to open up with the people around you. And the higher you rise, the harder it becomes for the people around you to speak their truth. Top performers often have few people in their world willing to say exactly what they need to hear the most. That's where I come in.

Heidi Shannon



Every program is unique and customised. Online, in house or customised private retreat escapes.


24/7 Access to a support coaching team designed only for you. Simply request what you want when you want it. Your team are available when you request them for personal or professional support. Like a butler for your mind, health, relationships and direction. Simply hit call.



Can't get away but want our VIP team in house? Request an in house intensive or visits from your selected team of pros for life, mental health, physical health or business. Your team will come in house to deliver personal support, workshops, trainings and more. Simply hit call.


Need to getaway fast for an intensive overhaul, reset and luxury getaway? Design the ultimate wellness, business or reset escape with a custom team to support you on every level. Our intensive retreats are world famous in the VIP world for the ultimate results.

Simply hit call.